hey, I'm yashgarg 👋

I am a software engineer who likes to play games occasionally, currently working at Dyte on WebRTC. In my previous role at Murena, I contributed significantly to AOSP and focused on the development of Launcher3 for the most part.


Engaging in devops activities like experimenting with docker, kubernetes, networking, and self-hosting applications for home use-cases is a passion during my free time.

I also contribute frequently to open-source, and everything I build for myself is out in the open. I've been extensively using Next.js logomarkAndroid and Next.js logomarkFlutter as my framework of choice, so you might find me making a lot of projects with it involved.

The blog I maintain serves as a platform to share interesting or useful findings I come across during my work or personal projects. I also write about my experiences with the technologies I use, and the problems I face while working with them.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about anything. I'm always open to new ideas and opportunities.