Configuring Gerrit

October 5, 2018 · 2 min

Generating SSH Key

cd ~/
ssh-keygen -t rsa

After that it will ask for the key location, for default press enter.

Then it will ask you to add password, for blank pass press enter.

If u want to add any password you can do it, that password is always required when you push commits.

Setting up Gerrit account

Open the Gerrit website you want to configure and Sign-up with your GitHub. After successful sign-up go to http://<gerrit_link>/#/settings/contact and register your email, and then go to http://<gerrit_link>/#/settings, make sure every information is filled up correctly.

1. Username       xxxxxx
2. Full Name      xxxxxx
3. Email Address  [email protected]
4. Registered     xxxxx xx:xx
5. Account ID     100xxxx

Adding SSH Key to Gerrit

Open your terminal and type:

cat .ssh/

Copy the SSH key and paste it on http://<gerrit_link>/#/settings/ssh-keys and save it.

Creating config file

First type:

nano .ssh/config

And add these details there:

Host <gerrit_link>
HostName <gerrit_link>
Port 29418
User <YourGerritUsername>

Save and exit the file after doing so.

Granting required permissions

Type the following commands:

chmod 600 .ssh/config
chmod 700 .ssh/
chmod 600 .ssh/id_rsa

Checking everything

To check everything is fine, do a connection Test by typing -> ssh <gerrit_link> (Type yes if they ask for it)

               Welcome to Gerrit Code Review

Hi <YourGerritUserName>, you have successfully connected over SSH.

Unfortunately, interactive shells are disabled.
To clone a hosted Git repository, use:

git clone ssh://<YourGerritUserName>@<gerrit_link>:29418/REPOSITORY_NAME.git

Connection to <gerrit_link> closed.

If you get the above output message, your Gerrit is configured.

Pushing changes to Gerrit

Commit all required changes you need to push and use the below command to add hook to it:

gitdir=$(git rev-parse --git-dir); scp -p -P 29418 <YourGerritUsername>@<gerrit_link>:hooks/commit-msg ${gitdir}/hooks/

Then use the following command to push:

git push ssh://<YourGerritUserName>@<gerrit_link>:29418/<ROM_NAME>/<REPOSITORY_NAME> HEAD:refs/for/<branchname>

Everything is configured and you're good to go now!