my work

On a mission to build products people love, use every day and learning in the process. Here's a summary of my work and contributions so far.


Software Engineer, Feb 2024 - Present


AOSP Engineer, Sept 2022 - Feb 2024

  • Leading the rewrite of BlissLauncher3 for Android 12, 13, and 14 (/e/OS), tightly integrated with AOSP, built on top of Launcher3.
  • Built custom screens, animations, and folder types for BlissLauncher3, utilizing gradle plugins and subprojects.
  • Engineered a weather application powered by OpenWeatherMap, employing clean architecture principles with a focus on MVVM and Functional Programming, and emphasizing AppWidgets.
  • Conducting detailed studies to document findings and solutions for complex topics.


Mobile Engineer, June - Nov 2023

  • Architected a web3 social media wallet, overseeing the entire design decisions and implementations from scratch.
  • Implemented Face and Touch ID authentication, coupled with a custom password input featuring time-based automatic locking.
  • Integrated WalletConnect V2, enabling seamless wallet connections to DApps through QR scanning and facilitating various transactions on selected blockchain networks.
  • Executed end-to-end implementation of wallet features on both Android and iOS platforms including publishing on App Store and Play Store.


Mobile Engineer, Dec 2021 — June 2022

  • Implemented a robust application architecture using BLoC Architecture, Singleton Pattern, and Isolates. These design decisions not only facilitated better maintenance but also contributed to improved application performance reducing the load time from 5s to 1s (99%ile).
  • Added seamless tracking of any wallet address and direct display of their coin balances within our wallet application.
  • Demonstrated GraphQL expertise, optimized caching, and streamlined API calls with dio HTTP client, resulting in enhanced data retrieval and reduced network latency.

Slick Wallet

Mobile Engineer, Sept 2021 — June 2022

  • Implemented multiple account (creation / import) support for different account methods and different name services.
  • Rewrote a substantial part of the OpenSea Javascript SDK in Dart for purchasing and selling NFTs directly through the wallet.
  • Integrated transaction workflows for various DeFi apps such as Kommunitas, Aave, and some others.
  • Utilized web3dart to manage blockchain calls, transactions, and smart contracts, ensuring seamless interaction and execution of transactions.


Flutter Intern, Aug — Sept 2021

  • Built a robust wallet design system (similar to PayTM), optimizing payment collections and improving financial transactions workflow.
  • Resolved critical aadhaar upload and verification issues, impacting a user base of over one million downloads on the Play Store.
  • Implemented global localization features for a seamless, multilingual user experience.
  • Actively contributed to miscellaneous bug fixes, enhancing overall app stability and performance.

Aadhya Innovations

Flutter Intern, May — June 2021

  • Engineered a robust B2C shop application using Flutter and Firebase, successfully published on Play Store.
  • Enhanced security and user experience through seamless login/registration flows and real-time chat for customers and vendors.
  • Showcased proficiency in optimizing data management using Firestore for efficient linking, item storage, and dynamic updates.
  • Integrated cloud functions for real-time notifications, ensuring timely updates and alerts for businesses.